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Centennial Office:
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9:00- 5:00 pm. Mon – Fri.

General Questions

Why should I use a CPA to prepare my taxes?
CPAs are experienced professionals with required continuing education, who can advise you about how current tax laws apply to your unique financial situation, and also help you with tax planning. Software doesn’t do this, and many tax issues are beyond the scope of what employees of seasonal tax return services are trained to handle.
How long does it take to prepare my return?

Typically 2-3 weeks from the time the organizer is completed and all your information is submitted. Timing can vary based on the complexity of the return.

Where are you based?
Our headquarter is in Centennial, CO.
Whom do you serve?
Individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, small businesses, estates, and trusts.
What is your Audit-Guarantee?

We stand behind our work 100%. If you receive an audit or letter related to an error we made on the return, we will work to resolve the error at no cost to you. This does not apply if the client provided the wrong information or missed information.

Is your client portal secure?

We are committed to the security of your data. We use 256-bit encryption to secure personal information and store all sensitive data.

What is your price?
Individuals start at $250 and Businesses start at $800. The final price is dependent on the complexity of the return and if other accounting and tax services are rendered.
Do you offer in-person meetings?

While we try to operate as virtually as possible, we understand the need for some clients to meet in person. Please contact us if you are in the metro Denver area to schedule an appointment. If you are not located in Denver, we are always happy to meet you through zoom.

Employee Insurance

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